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One of the advantages of working with an experienced real estate brokerage which specializes in real estate is that you can truly have things your way – over time, we have had many investors come to us who want a full ‘turnkey’ experience, and we also get a fair number of investor clients who really just want to take advantage of our discount offering and handle the remaining maintenance items on their own. Whatever your preference, Discount Property Warehouse has a product for your investment needs – from a simple ‘As Is’ sale to a turnkey package with Gold, Silver, and Platinum options, we are your #1 provider for discounted investment real estate in Memphis, Tennessee!

Ways to Buy:

1) As – Is Sale: You purchase a property from us and handle any remaining renovation yourself. You can also buy turnkey homes from us that are rented and ready for delivery under our ‘As Is’ terms. A great way to get going with cashflow already in place!

2) Presale Property(Under Construction): You can elect to purchase a turnkey property from us that is under construction which will be ready for a tenant shortly. You have the option of closing the property prior to the completion of construction, and you can also hold the property until construction is complete with a deposit of nonrefundable earnest money. Either way, find a house you like and purchase the way you want!

3) Presale Property(Anticipated Delivery From Bank): Discount Property Warehouse often sources homes from large bank inventories which fit the needs of specific investors. Once we have sourced a property for you, you can hold it with earnest money until it is ready to be delivered. This way you get EXACTLY what you want without having to wait for your order to be fulfilled months from now, and we can expedite the construction and closing as per your instructions. You can also take advantage of our Silver, Gold, and Platinum package delivery options listed below!

Silver, Gold, and Platinum Renovation

Package Description and Breakdown

At Discount Property Warehouse, we strive to offer fully renovated properties below market value. Unlike some of our competitors who will sell you properties at prices ABOVE fair market value, we simply cannot do that. We believe that we are one of the last vestiges of wholesale real estate in Memphis.

With that, however, comes a great responsibility. A ‘turnkey’ property isn’t a truly fully equipped property if the renovation is not done properly. Yet with this comes the realization that not rehabs are created equal. Some companies will ‘roll the dice’ with their renovations, doing the bare minimum to a home and hoping the mechanical systems will last long enough for the short term warranty to expire without additional cost to the selling company, leaving the investor to shoulder any unforeseen cost even though they just purchased a ‘turnkey’ home.