Why Discount Property Warehouse?

Discount Property Warehouse is a family owned real estate brokerage headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. While you have many choices of turnkey providers in Memphis, Discount Property Warehouse separates itself in a variety of ways, primarily in both PRICE and SERVICE. At Discount Property Warehouse, you can expect to get homes that consistently beat the ‘1% rule’ of rental returns that investors have come to expect, offered completely turnkey, with financing available on every property.

Additionally, we won’t ask you to sign affidavits saying your homes will be priced 20% – 30% over market value like other providers in Memphis. Our goal is to deliver homes to you as inexpensively as possible, with a complete soup to nuts renovation, home inspection, 10 year warranty on HVAC equipment, and so much more.

Using our in house property management through Rivertown Realty, our digital management platform, and with access to our private investment capital through The Short Term Retirement Program, which is designed to give you the option of paying your investment homes off AGGRESSIVELY AND EARLY(should you choose to do so) – Discount Property Warehouse is your one stop shop for real estate in Memphis. Don’t wait, contact Discount Property Warehouse today! Please fill out the form on this page or call 901.486.6688.

“In life, there are leaders, and there are followers, but long before those groups show up, there are prophets. Prophets are rare, the stuff of legends.

And when it comes to real estate, Robert Feol is exactly that… Legendary.”

– Robert Shemin

New York Times Best Selling Author
Teacher and Mentor to Robert Feol