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Buy Investment Properties – About Us was founded by a full time real estate investor who understands that the true value in today’s world of real estate investing lies in the undiscovered, underpriced properties that exist in today’s growing and emerging metropolitan markets.  As such, was created to service the needs of real estate investors who want to purchase property with minimal hassle, not pay extreme markup, and build a trust relationship with a company that has the tools and personnel necessary to oversee all aspects of a real estate transaction from purchase to tenant placement, and troubleshoot any issues that arise in between.

We are not a realty company – we are a real estate investment consulting group who focuses on buying and holding discounted investment property.  Our specialty is working with out of state clients to construct profitable, long term cash flowing investment portfolios. Need more information? Contact us for a free consultation.



Investor Strategies

Many people think of real estate investing as simply ‘buying houses.’  Yet, real estate is part of so many things, and there are a comprehensive and diverse array of ways to purchase discounted real estate, and then either hold for cash flow or resell for profit.   We are highly creative investors that are looking at trying to squeeze every dollar of profit from each real estate transaction; as such, we need the members of our team to be skilled in all facets of creative real estate transactions.  Let’s look at how we approach each individual transaction specifically.

Foreclosure Property

Memphis, Tennessee, has one of the nation’s highest rates of foreclosure and bankruptcy.  In this way, we work directly with the financial institutions to insure that we get priority access to opportunities that are about to emerge from the REO departments.   We have relationships with local real estate agents, loss mitigation departments, and foreclosure attorneys that help us get the BEST deals throughout the city and pass them to our clients at superior prices.

Short Sale Property

Our team members have been specially trained to work with loss mitigation departments assigned to pre – foreclosure properties to help us facilitate short sales that create win – win situations for the bank, the distressed seller, and our clients as well.  Interestingly enough, our short sale packages have been called “the most professional looking” by many banking institutions throughout the nation, We also have a network of lead generation that allows motivated and distressed sellers to come to us, thereby insuring that we are working directly with the loss mitigation department on behalf of the seller with their permission and their blessing, resulting in a superior outcome for all parties involved.


Rental Property

We have relationships with some of the best real estate management companies in the Memphis, Tennessee, marketplace that allows us to provide our investors with quality property management at superior prices.  In doing so, our investors are able to sleep at night knowing their investments are in good hands, cash flowing, and free of unqualified or derelict tenants who could cause potential problems within the system.

Tax Sales

Our staff comb tax sale notices searching for discounted opportunities for sale.  When we find one, we go to the courthouse steps and make sure that we purchase the property at a price which leaves the lion’s share of the profit for our end investor – our clients.


Probate and Estate Sales

Our knowledgeable team of  associates work directly with local probate attorneys and estate overseers to create winning opportunities for all involved in the real estate transaction.  From working with the attorney for the estate to getting the release from the judge and permission to purchase the house out of probate, we follow each angle hoping to create winning situations in what can be an otherwise uncomfortable situation for all parties involved.

Buying and Selling Notes

We work directly with financial institutions as well as private individuals to allow discounted paper to be bought for pennies on the dollar.  We get sellers of paper their cash fast, and our private paper investors get great returns on their investments.

We work diligently using a variety of creative techniques to enable us to find great deals for our real estate investing clients.  Want more information?  Sign up today for a free consultation!