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Real Estate Investment – FAQs


What is Discount Property Warehouse?
We are a licensed brokerage in the State of Tennessee which specializes in investment property in the Memphis Metro and surrounding areas. Our interest lies predominantly in the purchase of rental property. However, as our business model has been revealed and become popular over the years through our radio show, we have had many clients ask for our assistance in acquiring investment property. Hence, we now work full time in the business of offering investment property in Memphis to a worldwide client base.

Do you buy and sell property, or just sell?
We do both. We purchase distressed property from banks, but at times private sellers have sought us out for consulting and asked us to purchase their homes which are frequently in a state of distress We continue to operate our business by the philosophy of ‘if we sign a contract to purchase or sell a property, we close’. This has served us and our clients well.

I have heard Memphis is a great town to invest in, but is it really or is this just hype?
Media coverage continues to provide unbiased information regarding Memphis’ unique timing and positive investment factors. Here are a few of the more recent articles you can read for yourself:


What experience do you have that would make me want to consider you as a provider for my Memphis real estate portfolio?
Robert Feol, the founder of Discount Property Warehouse, is a very active investor who’s proprietary systems have been liberally copied(frequently without permission) by local Memphis competitors and investors nationally and internationally. A local lending company in Memphis based its entire business and lending model on Robert Feol’s Short Term Retirement Program®. Robert himself has bought, sold, or consulted on over 1500 purchase and sale transactions in the past 10 years. Robert has also pioneered the use of creative private financing to accommodate investor’s capital requirements of all levels. As far as track record, Robert has never lost a house to foreclosure, and has never had a bankruptcy. The licensed staff at Discount Property Warehouse are all required to own investment property in Memphis as a prerequisite of employment. Robert also has taught real estate to thousands of listeners through his weekly radio program ‘Pieces of the Puzzle’, which has been the #1 weekend radio show in the Mid South for almost 8 years now.

Do you offer construction and management when you sell properties?
All our properties include renovation unless otherwise noted. Some investors choose to purchase from us for our discounted pricing and perform their own renovations, which we are happy to accommodate as well. WE DO NOT MANAGE PROPERTIES IN HOUSE. Instead, we offer three local companies we have vetted to our investors and, when a client has selected one, we assist the client with property transition and then help to ‘manage’ the management company. This has worked very well for our clients.

Tell me about your Silver, Gold, and Platinum renovation packages.
Click here for more information.


What if I want to learn more about private lending?
Click here for more information.

Do you have references or media articles I can review?
Contact a sales associate for references. Here is a link to our media page.

I don’t want to use to purchase investment property, because I have bought property through another wholesaler in Memphis and the contractors and vendors they have promised me turned out to be atrocious and I have lost money.  I have heard that your vendors and contractors are extremely reliable.  Can I get a list of names and phone numbers so I can use your contractors and vendors and stop the financial losses I am incurring?
We get asked this question quite often, which in and of itself is disturbing, and the answer is no.  Our vendors have specific instructions to only work with our clients.  Part of the reason our vendors give quality, comprehensive service is that we don’t overload them with property or service requests.  If we bail out everyone who bought a Memphis property from a wholesaler who has no integrity, we would not be able to provide the level of service that we do.

I have been reading your articles and blogs and really enjoy them.  Who writes them?
While we have guest writers at times, most of our articles and blogs are written by full time investor, radio personality, and founder Robert Feol.  Robert’s writings have been well received nationwide, and he has been published as an author and invited to speak at various investment groups across the country, including Baltimore REIA, Memphis Investment Group, Jackson MS RIG, West Tennessee Hispanic Business Alliance, The Memphis Daily News(as a featured columnist), has been a keynote speaker on Memphis Real Estate nationwide in the US, the United Kingdom, and multiple times in Singapore. Robert has also hosted Don Derosa’s Investor Bonanza and been a frequent keynote speaker at Robert Shemin’s investor academy in Florida.
Robert also hosts an extremely popular weekly radio show in Memphis on 990 KWAM which focuses on real estate investing.  His show can be heard here.

Interesting sidenote: New York Times Best Selling Author Robert Shemin stated on the record that, after appearing on Robert Feol’s radio show, that it was ‘the best radio show for real estate I have ever been on, and probably the #1 real estate radio show in the country.’

I want to purchase Memphis investment property but am nervous.  Do you offer any kind of guarantee?
Real estate investing carries inherent risks.  We believe that, as full time investors, risk can be mitigated by using an integrity based team which focuses on us acting as consultants and as not used car salesman.  If you are focus on your investments and are vigilant about them, assuming you have acted responsibly (i.e. communicated with your vendors, used appropriate financing, and do not have financial issues that detract from your ability to manage your investment without spending your profits) then we find it is very unlikely that you will fail. Ultimately, the best indicator of investment success is YOU.


Do you recommend retail exit strategies with Memphis investment homes?  If I can buy a home for 50k and it appraises for 100k, can I just sell the home asap using a licensed Realtor® and pocket 50k?
No. We do not recommend retail exit or ‘flipping’ strategies in Memphis, for a variety of reasons.   Our recommendation is long term hold for cash flow, appreciation, equity pay down, and tax benefits.

We bought some property from a Memphis wholesaler and used the property management company they recommended.  We began having a really bad experience with the management company, and when we wanted to change management companies we were threatened with legal action to stop us from changing management companies!!! When we went to the wholesaler who recommended the management company to ask for their help, the wholesaler just gave us the number of an attorney we could call and said ‘good luck.’  Is this how you operate?
No.  Our contractors and vendors don’t try to hold you hostage to preserve their income streams.  You are not obligated to use any vendors we offer, and if you choose to use them, you don’t have to worry about lawsuits to prevent you from withdrawing your business.  The professionals that we work with understand that if a client doesn’t want to do business with them, then those decisions are final and not to be questioned.