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Attention Investor Bonanza Workshop Students!!! Internet Marketing Training Link!!!

I have received many inquiries from students at the Investor Bonanza workshop and also the internet viewers about my presentation tonight in Atlanta!  I apologize for so much information, I prepared the presentation about an hour before, but I cannot stress to you the power of internet marketing skills in today’s real estate investing environment.  Having a simple understanding of website development rules, search engine optimization, and low cost marketing can and will put tens of thousands of dollars into your pocket.

Many people asked what site I used to work on my internet marketing training.

So, here it is…

It uses a monthly subscription but is a great primer and easy to use step by step online college of internet marketing!  VERY INEXPENSIVE and worth EVERY PENNY.

It focuses on many aspects of internet marketing, including website design and optimization, but also affiliate marketing!!!

I hope it helps…I know it  helped me for sure, without question.

Fyi, I still subscribe today – if you choose to use it, make the commitment to stick with it – be disciplined and you will thank youself 6 months from now, if not sooner.

Again, here it is: