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For Immediate Release(October 7th, 2009)

Memphis Real Estate Investor and Speaker Robert Feol Endorsed by Prominent National Real Estate Speaker and bestselling author and Educator Wendy Patton;

Pieces of the Puzzle: Journeys in Creative Real Estate Investing radio program founder Robert Feol continues to grow in popularity nationally as a speaker, author, and educator.

Press Release Summary:

Robert Feol, who hosts a popular real estate investing program on News Radio 600 WREC, receives formal endorsement by veteran real estate investor and national speaker Wendy Patton.  Patton’s endorsement comes as his radio program and speaking career blossom.

Press Release Body

The founder of Pieces of the Puzzle, Journeys in Creative Real Estate Investing radio program Robert Feol, a full time real estate investor, author, speaker, educator, and resident of Memphis Tennessee, shared today that he has received the formal nod from Wendy Patton, who is one of the leading female real estate educators in the United States Today.  Patton, who is an expert in lease purchase and no money down acquisition strategies, is also a Realtor® licensed builder, and expert negotiator.  Her educational products and speaking engagements have amassed her a student following worldwide with thousands of educational products being sold, and her speaking schedule continues to stay packed with events and requests for appearances throughout the country.

Robert’s commitment to people’s success and his high level of integrity has been demonstrated consistently to me in the way that he has worked with me on event promotions and educational workshops, putting the student’s needs’ first and being sensitive to the end result of their education, and also in the way that he works with local animal rescue groups.” says guru Wendy Patton of Detroit, Michigan,  and now I see him beginning to blossom into an incredibly passionate national real estate educator and radio personality as well.” Patton, who was recently featured on Feol’s radio show ‘Pieces of the Puzzle: Journeys in Creative Real Estate Investing’, is one of the most in demand speakers in the world of real estate investing education in the United States today.

Patton’s endorsement is not something that Feol takes lightly.

“Wendy Patton’s formal endorsement of me as a speaker and educator is an incredible honor, one that I would rank as the top achievement of my career so far’ said Feol recently in an interview from his hotel room in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was hosting Don Derosa’s and Pete Youngs’ Investor Bonanza.  “From the day I was a student of Wendy’s, I felt that if I could put what she was teaching into place as part of a comprehensive strategy of investing and investment consulting, I could not only be successful but also bring that success to other people who were looking to make positive changes in their life, be it financial or otherwise.”

And whether it is speaking to a crowd of 100 investing students, broadcasting from the Clear Channel studios on a Saturday morning, or helping a family avoid foreclosure, Feol’s flexibility and toolset comes, he says, directly from mentors and teachers like Wendy Patton.

No other way to put it,” said Feol.  “Wendy’s approach to teaching real estate investing techniques, along with other people who I credit as mentors such as Don Derosa, Pete Youngs, Bill Fell, and Al Plumb – these are the individuals who shaped my career by teaching me not only the value of honesty and integrity, but by giving me the tools to conduct business effectively while preserving both.

Feol was recently nominated for the [Memphis] Commercial Appeal’s 2009 Top 40 Under 40, which highlights the accomplishments of today’s young professionals in the Memphis metro area.  Feol’s radio program, Pieces of the Puzzle: Journeys in Creative Real Estate Investing is currently ranked #2 on Clear Channel’s News Radio 600 WREC for Saturday programming. Feol also writes a syndicated column for The Baltimore Real Estate Investor Association under President Bill Fell.  Additionally, Feol has personally raised thousands of dollars for Save One Pets, a local animal rescue that houses homeless dogs and cats in temporary housing while they are found a permanent home.

For Wendy Patton, the direction that Robert Feol has taken has a very clear and focused destination.

I have no doubt that Robert, as he continues to mature as a real estate investor, radio personality, and motivational speaker, will be one of the top speakers and teachers in the country someday in the world of real estate investing”, said Patton.  “He is really great to work with and I am proud to call him my friend.

About Robert Feol

Robert Feol is an author, speaker, teacher, investor, and radio program founder who’s primary focus is helping others get safely into real estate investments. Want to learn more? Listen to his radio program every Saturday at 11 AM CST on News Radio 600 WREC, Memphis. Or, catch the archived show here:

Or, catch him at his latest project website,