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Don Derosa, Pete Youngs, and Founder Robert Feol LIVE From Atlanta Georgia!!!

Just a quick note here from Robert Feol! I am so honored to be in Atlanta, Georgia hosting Don Derosa and Pete Young’s Investor Bonanza, and it is an AWESOME event! If you want to get the information, Don and Pete have been kind enough to post the ENTIRE seminar LIVE from the Hotel, and you can see it here!

That’s right, this ENTIRE 5 day event which cost attendees THOUSANDS of dollars can be enjoyed LIVE from your own homes. Why miss this? Don and Pete are covering topics such as:

1.) Who should be on your team of professionals to ensure fast, accurate, problem-free closes i.e. attorney, mortgage broker, appraiser,

2.) How to work with buyers with “less than perfect” credit so that you both win

3.) How to find an effective mortgage broker who will work with you to get your tenant buyers cashed out

4.) Making sure you understand the loan approval process inside-out so you can get our tenant-buyers cashed out as soon as possible

5.) How to work with retail buyers with good credit and how they’re different from your other buyers

6.) How to get the HIGHEST OFFERS from buyers, time after time after time

7.) When you should use owner financing and how to do it

And so much more! As listeners of my show will recognize, Don and Pete are INCREDIBLE teachers who lead by example. Their knowledge of acquisition techniques and construction/exit strategies makes them the ‘creme de la creme’ of national gurus, and you can enjoy this all for FREE – LIVE!!!

Think I am kidding??? Go here right now:

This event is PACKED with people, and what is SO interesting to me is that people are CONTINUING TO ATTEND! Did you miss Don and Pete’s incredible interview on the show last week as they discussed this annual event????? Well, some Memphis listeners didn’t because we have students form Memphis here RIGHT NOW in the room! Why aren’t you here?

You can be! Go here and shout it out from Memphis!

And, Don and Pete continue to be real estate visionaries by bringing other gurus in, too! Eddie Speed, recently featured on the show, is discussing seller financing and note brokering at 3:30 EST TODAY!


All part of the incredible generosity of our guru relationships, brought to you by Pieces of the Puzzle:Journeys in Creative Real Estate Investing! on News radio 600 WREC!

Also, look for our upcoming full page article on the show in the Commercial Appeal next week. And, don’t miss my interview with Wendy Patton this Saturday as she talks about incredible opportunities for you to get involved with too!

But if you want to change your life RIGHT NOW, then get here!

And remember – don’t stop believin!