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Radio, Workshops, and a Little Inspiration

Shannon Feol, Guest contributor

We had a busy but great day yesterday.  Robert had Don Derosa and Pete Youngs on the radio show yesterday morning.  They spoke a lot about private lending – which is getting ever so popular these days, and had quite a few callers.  Don and Pete have a huge event coming up on September 30th in Atlanta called Investor Bonanza, a 5-day investor boot-camp.  Robert will be there to emcee.  Should be a POWERFUL event!  Listen to the latest show here:

Meanwhile, I was getting ready for the investing workshop yesterday afternoon.  Robert, Jim Reedy, and Craig Jennings shared the microphone and talked about getting started in real estate, building a power team,  and financial goal setting.  We had about 45 attendees and a catered lunch, and we got some great feedback.  Save-1-Pets, a local animal rescue group, was there with two dogs and a cat and we took donations to help their organization.  We raised over $800!  We had about 45 people in attendance, saw some familiar faces and a lot of new ones.  I am looking forward to following up on Monday with new contacts I made at the meeting!

We will have another workshop next month, date TBA.  If you have thought about getting into real estate investing, or even if you haven’t, there has never been a better time to get started.  It could be the very way that YOU could become financially independent.

Robert always ends his show with this:  ”What are you doing today to make tomorrow different than yesterday?” – if you’re wanting to make a change in your life, there’s never been a better day than today and never a better time than right now!  That’s my thought each morning and it’s what keeps me motivated throughout the day.

Hope everyone has a fantastic and productive week!