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Robert Feol Investment Consulting Now Available!

Understanding that in today’s volatile real estate industry, there exists a highly potent and profitable opportunity in the world of real estate investments, and also understanding that due to the low barrier of entry into the world of real estate and its related support industries, individuals at times find themselves in situations which are undesirable that they never intended to be in, and from which they would like a rapid exit with minimal loss to their financial portfolio and health, Robert Feol Investment Consulting was born.   This highly adaptable form or consulting can address and assist in a variety of situations, which  might include:

–        I have bought a property as an investment and cannot exit due to being overleveraged or lack of a tenant or the house has been vandalized.

–        I worked with a wholesaler who I trusted only later to find, after purchasing an investment home, the promised ‘turn – key system’ is insufficient and causing me to hemorrhage money on a monthly basis.

–        I am suffering negative cash flow in my Memphis investment portfolio and am unsure of how to remedy this.

–        I want to learn about real estate investing and use it to supplement my income, but the home study courses I spent thousands of dollars on from an infomercial are very unclear and ambiguous, and the coaches don’t seem to give me a solid action plan to realize a paycheck.

–        I want to get into a specific branch of real estate investing(i.e., tax liens or note brokering) and need some help going in the right direction.

–        I can’t get an investment loan in this credit environment.

–        We want to purchase our primary residence but don’t want to pay retail, and don’t want to put down a large down payment.  We have heard that you can help us structure the deal in a way to minimize our out of pocket costs.

–        I’m a landlord that needs a tenant placed ASAP.

–        I am an out of state investor who needs help with Memphis real estate resources who are reliable(property management, construction, insurance, etc.)

–        I need help salvaging my credit.

–        I am behind payments on my house and don’t know what to do.  I am desperate.

–        I need some financial planning.  What should I do?

–        How do I get out of debt?

–        I want to invest with my IRA and 401k.  What do I need to do to set this up and do it safely?

–        We have young children and want to invest in real estate for their college expenses, but are very risk averse.

–        I need a good Realtor® to help me find investment properties to buy.

–        I am looking for a life coach for enhanced productivity and a clearer sense of purpose.

–        I have a problem that needs to be solved and I don’t know where to turn.

–        How can I get comparables for properties?

–        My house burned down and I need emergency housing.

–        Other issues not on this list.

Robert Feol Investment Consulting was an inevitable and natural outgrowth of Robert Feol’s departure from his previous wholesale company which he founded, coupled the success of his AM radio show and his writings, published around the country.  Robert, as he distanced himself from certain individuals and institutions which had consistently demonstrated selfish mindsets with respect to real estate investors, found that he had a very unique mindset which obligated him to put the client’s needs FIRST, and determine if any assistance could be offered after.  Such a unique approach to real estate investment consulting would actually put many clients in a situation where Robert was UNWILLING(!) to sell them properties, because that would not be an appropriate financial move for them at the specific time.  However, he found that this approach, while generating fewer sales, actually generated MORE business because clients began to want to work with him specifically and referrals began to pour in.  People worked with Robert because they began to trust him.

More people, as they discovered Robert and his ideas, began to ask to sit down with him or take him to lunch and run ideas by him.  What Robert found was, while most people came to him with the guise of making a real estate investments, what they really were doing was looking at real estate investing as a possible solution to a problem they were trying desperately to solve – sometimes those problems were financial and sometimes they were personal.  Either way, they were looking for help.

Robert Feol Investment Consulting has the flexibility and knowledge to assist individuals and families in a variety of financial and non financial situations.  Robert’s diverse educational background, as well as his experience in crisis counseling, coupled with his profound knowledge of real estate investing application and theory, have given him the tools necessary to architect a solution for your immediate needs.  Contact us today for an initial consultation!