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DPW.Net Founder's Radio Show Rockets to Top of Spring Ratings!

Press Release Title

For Immediate Release(August 18th, 2009)

Homegrown Real Estate Radio Show on Clear Channel’s News Radio 600 WREC Posts 33% Ratings Increase Over 1st Quarter 2009: Show Rockets to #2 On WREC Saturday Programming Schedule

Pieces of the Puzzle: Journeys in Creative Real Estate Investing Founder Uses Broadcast Platform For Real Estate Education, Community Outreach

Press Release Summary:

Pieces of the Puzzle: Journeys in Creative Real Estate Investing, a new program on News Radio 600 WREC which focuses on dynamic education for real estate investors and showcases top national talent revealed today Spring 2009 ratings which demonstrate a massive influx of listeners to the show with minimal marketing.

Press Release Body

Pieces of the Puzzle, Journeys in Creative Real Estate Investing, a weekly radio broadcast program created by Memphis real estate investor Robert Feol, airing on 600 WREC AM in Memphis, Tennessee every Saturday from 11 am – Noon, today announced their Second Quarter(Spring) Ratings for 2009, showing a very substantial increase in listener base, as follows:

  • A 33% increase in listener base every Saturday, with average listeners to the show going from 1400 weekly to 2100 weekly Spring Quarter 2008 over Winter Quarter 2009.  This is the show’s second quarter of broadcasting.
  • The show is now ranked #2 in listener base and popularity for all Saturday shows on 600 WREC, trailing only behind Bill Handel who hosts ‘Handel on the Law’, a syndicated and established radio program distributed through Clear Channel.
  • Substantial growth in written correspondence to the host of Pieces of the Puzzle, Robert Feol, showcasing the motivational impact the show is having on the lives and financial picture of many listeners.
  • The establishment of the ‘Pieces of the Puzzle Discretionary Library’, a program which gives away educational real estate texts on the show to listeners at no charge.
  • The continuation of a charitable partnership with Save One Pets(, with the show making continued contributions to the animal rescue group and encouraging its listener base to do so as well.
  • The development of the ‘Pieces of the Puzzle: Community Educational Workshop Series’ where listeners can come and learn about real estate topics with the host of the show in the field at no cost to themselves.
  • A massive increase in national talent which has been featured on the show almost weekly.  Recent and upcoming guests include Real Estate Gurus Wendy Patton, Don Derosa, Dwan Bent Twyford, Eddie Speed, and Walter Woffard, former Memphis Mayoral candidate Carol Chumney, and former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President George Bush Sr., Catherine Austin Fitts.
  • A new educational website about to go live to assist listeners in the development of their real estate educational foundation – set to launch September 1st, 2009.

“To see such a massive growth in such a short period of time is surprising, to say the least”, says the show’s founder Robert Feol.  “When I originally came up with the idea of the show, I had a very serious adversity to using the show’s platform for anything except solid, grass roots real estate education.  I refused to use the show as a sales platform to sell homes, which I think would have been very easy to do.  I wanted the show to be something more important in people’s lives and send a message that you can take advantage real estate investing, and when done properly, you can generate revenue by helping others and assisting to solve today’s modern housing crisis. ”

Feol’s commitment to real estate education is so strong and he is so passionate he produces the show himself, does the programming and talent recruitment, and carries all of the production costs himself.

“It wouldn’t work any other way’, says Feol.  “My teaching background and real estate experience makes me different than most other investors.  Most investors would see this type of media platform as a feeding ground, a pool of minnows for the sharks to feast on.  I made the choice that the show was going to be focused on education and empowerment, and once I resigned myself to that idea programming and developing the show became actually quite easy.  It’s like my mentor Bill Fell, President of the Baltimore REIA told me recently – he said ‘Robert, you need to be the voice of conscience of his industry and protect new investors from the unscrupulous people out there.’  That is something I take very seriously.”

And, the show seems to be continuing its upward trend.

“In the beginning we were a 30 minute show which was constantly being preempted by the local college basketball team.  In 8 months we have seen a massive increase in our ratings and positive feedback from the show’s listener base and 600 WREC’s production team.  I plan on continuing exactly what I am doing, and the message is clear: if you are interested in learning about how to make investment real estate part of your financial plan, join me every Saturday and let’s learn how to do this successfully and with minimal risk.”

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About Robert Feol

Robert Feol is an author, speaker, teacher, investor, and radio personality who’s primary focus is helping others get safely into real estate investments. Want to learn more? Listen to his radio show every Saturday at 11 AM CST on News Radio 600 WREC, Memphis. Or, catch the archived show here:

Or, catch him at his latest project website,