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Testimonials Page

“I am an investment advisor. In 2008 all the sophisticated time tested asset allocation models didn’t work. Supposed non correlating assets classes started to correlate. As a result everything went down.

My client’s assets as well as my own portfolio lost considerable value. At that point I knew I needed to diversify into other investment areas. The first place I started to look was real estate because I knew home priced had come down considerably. During my research I learned that there were over 2000 foreclosures per month in Memphis TN. I also learned that 45% of people living in Memphis rent, one of the highest rent ratios of any city in the country. I came to believe that you could buy a house in Memphis for $50,000 with no money down, do repairs of about $5,000 with no money, rent it for $1,000 per month and have it appraise for $100,000.

One Saturday I was driving around listening to Robert Feol’s[the founder of] radio show and decided to e-mail him to see if he could help me get involved. He immediately called me and we later met and looked at properties. Thanks to Robert I’m living proof you can do what I thought because I just did it. Like anything else people do business with you for only one reason. They trust you. I trust Robert and look forward to doing more deals with him.”

M. Post

The investing experience speaks for itself. Working with the company’s founder and the hand selected expert staff, our clients from around the country have been raving about the headache free investing experiences they have been having.

This is just a small portion of our clients’ feedback after purchases have been made.

“I had been wanting to invest in Real Estate for a few years but was not finding the opportunities in California where I live. It was a lucky break when, having been tipped that Memphis TN was promising, []responded when I inquired about a property I located online. I didn’t purchase that property but I told them what I wanted to do… acquire income producing properties to supplement my retirement in five years…..and the founder of assured me that Memphis is the perfect place.

Now, I am a complete amateur when it comes to investing in real estate but I knew that I would have to rely on other specialists to make it happen. [The founder of] was perfect for that… all the right people were in place; lender, title attorney, property manager, contractors, hard money lender.

Following the purchase of my first (of seven) properties I flew to Memphis for a visit and enjoyed meeting all of those [] folks and spending some time with them. It was very clear that to me that [the founder of] is a person of excellent character. He puts the needs of the investor first and follows through with his promises. I am lucky to have met him and have recommended him and to others without reservation.”

J. Cartright

“Robert Robert, He’s our man. Robert Robert, He’s no flash in the pan. Give him your dough and he will make you bread. Robert Robert, He’s THE MAN. Just put your trust in him and he’ll show you he can. Seriously. As a long time investor, it’s nice to have someone in my corner for a change. Most people are out for themselves. Not Robert. He will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and be profitable.”

M. Glen

“I first met Robert Feol when he was a student of mine at the Wild Women of Real Estate Workshops several years ago. In the years since I met him, I have seen him go from a part time investor to supplement his teaching income to a full time investor, and now I see him beginning to blossom into an incredibly passionate national real estate educator and radio personality as well. Robert’s commitment to people’s success and his high level of integrity has been demonstrated consistently to me in the way that he has worked with me on event promotions and educational workshops, putting the student’s needs’ first and being sensitive to the end result of their education, and also in the way that he works with local animal rescue groups. I have no doubt that Robert, as he continues to mature as a real estate investor, radio personality, and motivational speaker, will be one of the top speakers and teachers in the country someday in the world of real estate investing. He is really great to work with and I am proud to call him my friend.“

Wendy Patton

“You were a great addition to the team! You got a round of applause after you left. I look forward to seeing you on the speaker circuit. Your age is a huge advantage for reaching generation Y.“

Jeff Frank

“I have worked with Robert Feol for some time. Robert’s passion for real estate and unwavering commitment to educate others is immediately discernable. Robert’s work ethic and integrity are attributes similarly to be admired. I am honored to consider Robert both a client and friend.“

Greg Ziskind

“When I needed help planning for my future, I began to listen to Robert Feol on the radio. I heard a lot of solid ideas, and began to understand rental investment property was a relatively low risk investment that would provide solid cash flow for my family’s future. With this in mind, and believing Robert stood out from the rest in his business, I took a chance and bought a property from him. My entire family even got involved and put in some sweat equity painting the house, and with Robert’s continual help we now see the rental property market as an exciting opportunity. Robert proves over and over he is a great man of character who loves to help others succeed, and does exactly what he says he will. He has a keen business savvy with a down to earth personality. I am now purchasing a second investment property, which I never would have done without his counsel. I consider myself very blessed for finding Robert and his network of real estate professionals.”

Robert Lagan

Hi Robert,

You are the perfect example of a Black Sheep. I mean that in the most complimentary way. Thinking out of the box is your style. Just like me. Go for the Gold and Silver.


L. Rawlinson

I love the show!… the best advice on [investing] in real estate

Lee Collins

Robert (and Shannon),

Thank you so much for the books! They arrived last night.

I started reading the “Fortunes Formula” and I’m almost 2/3 of the way through it. It’s a very good read.

I showed the books to some other guys in my “group.” They are all psyched up about it and we are all going to read them.


I can’t describe how great it makes me feel to receive these books, and the knowledge and opportunities that they represent.

I Believe!

[name witheld by request]