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Pieces of the Puzzle: Community Education Workshop Series

Introduction to the Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing and Financial Goal Setting

Robert Feol and Jim Reedy, Instructors

The fundamentals of real estate investing form the core of a successful investing experience.  As such, it is critical that potential investors set themselves up with a knowledge based foundation for success.  It seems like, with the advent of today’s glitzy infomercials, there are very few opportunities to get real knowledge without some type of substantial cost or hidden strings.  Robert and Jim continue their community education workshop series by focusing on the foundation of real estate investing and financial goal setting, asking and answering questions such as:

–        Why do I want to buy investment real estate?

–        What are the financial goals that I hope to achieve through real estate investing?

–        What is the time frame for me to reach my goals?  What are the milestone indicators that I am on the path to success?

–        Do I have a power team in place?  What team members do I need to succeed in this business?  Can I do this alone?

–        Do I have multiple exits strategies for each property that I am buying?

–        Am I mentally prepared to become a real estate investor?

–        What are the obstacles I can expect to encounter in investment real estate?

–        Am I financially ready and disciplined to become a real estate investor?

And much, much more!

Join Robert Feol, national author, speaker educator, and radio personality, and Jim Reedy, veteran Memphis real estate investor as they give you the tools necessary to get started in real estate investing safely and with minimal risk.  Lunch, workshop materials, and admission are all included at NO CHARGE!

Who: YOU

When: Saturday, September 19th at 1 PM

Where: Holy Communion Church, Fellowship Hall(4645 Walnut Grove, 38117)

Why: Because you have been wanting to make a financial change.  Now is the time!

How to Register: Call (901) 335 – 9409 or email your registration at !